ESP Experiment to increase ROI

So far members have agreed to upgrade with bigger amounts on Friday, Feb. 13th server time. So if you are planning on upgrading please do so on Friday 13th, server time. If the majority of members do so then we should see an increase in ROI. If this works I already have a follow up plan that I will introduce.
Hello all!!

I have turned my blog into a website.

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Come check it out here: Auto Surfing Income

Welcome! Today I would like to tell you about auto surf programs.

An auto surf program is a website that pays you to view advertisements. Just think of all the advertisements you view now, and NO ONE pays you, in fact you probably pay someone (cable company, satellite company, internet provider, etc).

If you already know what an auto surf program is, then you are probably thinking that they are high risk, and not worth it.

In most cases an auto surf program is very high risk. This is because companies promise to pay you a high ROI in a short period of time; 120% in 10 days! You might be thinking ‘hey, I could use the extra cash, and it’s only ten days. I would never make that at a bank.’ Well, there is problem with this type of auto surf. Most of these auto surfs that promise high ROI in a short period of time only last a month or so. Their business plan is not sustainable. They rely on new sales to pay current members. To be successful they would have to take in 12% of the total invested into the site EVERY day! This is not realistic and it is not sustainable. These programs only last a few months and then they see that they are running out of money and close the site, thus leaving thousands of members sh*t out of luck.

Now you’re probably wondering why on earth I just told you that auto surf programs are very high risk and not worth the stress of wondering when they will shut down and run away with all of your money.

Well I want to tell you there are a new era of auto surf programs emerging, and today I am going to share the leader of this new era!

Easy Share Profit
is a reliable and trustworthy auto surf program paying 120% Return on Investment (ROI).

Easy Share Profit (ESP) is not as high risk as the programs I just told you about. In fact, it’s low risk. Easy Share Profit is an auto surf program that pays a variable daily ROI based on company revenue. Steve, the administrator, has developed a system in which each day a person can earn from 1% to 10% ROI based on the entire days profit. If the site has a good sales day you might receive 5% ROI; if the site has a slow sales day you might only get 1% ROI. In creating this system the admin has guaranteed himself that he will never have to pay out more than he makes. This is sustainable.

Now I know you might be thinking ‘why on earth would I invest in ESP on site around for up to 4 months when I could sit around for 10 days and make the same amount.’

The reason you would want to invest in ESP and not the fast paying program is that ESP will still be here in 4 months to pay you all the money you have earned. The fast paying program most likely will have shut down the third week you were a member and run off with all of your money.

The next great thing about Easy Share Profit is that they allow compounding. Most auto surf programs will only pay you when your “ad pack” (investment) expires. ESP will not only pay you EVERY day, they will let you compound every time you hit $5 in your account balance. I did the math and in 120 days, assuming the company has slow sales every day, a $100 investment would turn into a $320 investment! A $1000 investment would be a $3,200 investment. If you were making 1% of $3,200 dollars every day you would be making $224 per week or $896 per month. Find me a bank account that will pay you like that!!

But, what if that other program stays around for 120 days; I will have made a whole lot more money. Unfortunately, the nature of this business is that there is no way of knowing when a program will close. However, I can tell you one thing, I know Easy Share Profit isn’t closing any time soon. I also know that while dozens if not hundred of programs have opened and closed, ESP has remained open and paying daily.

The admin there uses smart business practices to maintain and sustain Easy Share Profit.

If you would like to see some earning possibilities just move on to the next post.

If you are ready to give Easy Share Profit a chance and start making a nice sustainable monthly income for almost no work whatsoever, then click HERE. You will need one of the following online payment processors to buy your ad units: AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, or LibertyReserve

Below is a table with numbers in it to help you figure out what a good investment would be. The table does not take into account compounding (which would make you even more money). The amount you want to earn per month is based on the worst case 1% ROI per day, however, ESP usually has a higher ROI.

Amount you want to earn per month

Amount to invest

Earnings per day assuming 1% (worst case)

Earnings per day assuming 3% (better)

Earnings per day assuming 10% (best possible)